The Old Sarum show was a show dedicated to King Arthur fighting the Saxons. We attended the event with a number of other groups, including Britannia, Wulfheodenas, Fectio, Letavia, Foederati, Cesterfeld, Thuringer Ritterbund, Ostarliuti, Wulfingas, Swaert Bord, and Heringeas Hundas. The show took place on the Sunday and the Monday, and while the Saturday saw heavy hail and thunderstorms, both Sunday and Monday were relatively pleasant. Seems even the heavens decided to make an exception for Artorius wearing his jewel studded brass diadem over his helmet.

There were three parts to the day in which our riders took part. The first was a battle on the bridge of the fort, where the cavalry were sent in to back up the infantry and watched and waited, ready to pounce on the enemy infantry at the command. The infantry were victorious and the cavalry were simply used to round up fleeing Saxons. 

Afterwards, we performed our usual skill at arms show - a display of throwing javelins, using lances and swords, and archery. Finally, for the third part, all the re-enactors on site took part in the big battle - the Romano-British vs a combined force of Saxons and Vikings. While the bad guys looked formiddable, they were severely weakened by several storms of arrows and three cavalry charges before being routed by the Romano-British infantry (they had a couple of nasty surprises for us - such as throwing axes!). 

The site was a lovely site and many thanks to all who organised it and allowed us to come and participate. It was also great to meet all the other re-enactors from Britain and further afield.

Many thanks to Simon Burrows, Andrew Stemler and Abigail Louise for photos.

Matt Bunker
10/5/2012 06:16:04 pm

Hi Romanorum, Matt here.
Just a few things that it'd be nice to correct if possible. Firstly, there were NO Vikings at the event, as Vikings hadn't been invented in 512AD. The opposing force were all Saxons. It was probably the smell that confused you.
Secondly, you've failed to mention most of the groups that were there, possibly because you didn't know all their names:-
Thuringer Ritterbund
Herigeas Hundas
Swaert Bord
and, of course, Romanorum

Thanks again for helping to make the show such a success.


10/5/2012 06:56:19 pm

Hi Matt

Thanks so much for the feedback and kind words. It was great to be there. I have updated the post with the corrections and names of all the groups.

Thank you :-)


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